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The book is always better

Song: You Are No Son of Mine
Artist: Ramin Djawadi
Album: Game of Thrones S4 OST

"You Are No Son of Mine" from the Game of Thrones S4 Finale

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The game of Quidditch continues to thrill and obsess its many fans around the world. Nowadays every purchaser of a Quidditch match ticket is guaranteed to witness a sophisticated contest between highly skilled fliers (unless of course the Snitch is caught in the first five minutes of the match, in which case we all feel slightly short-changed). Nothing demonstrates this more than the difficult moves that have been invented over its long history by witches and wizards eager to push themselves and the game as far as they can go.  There can be no doubt that Quidditch has changed beyond all recognition since Gertie Keddle first watched those numbskulls on Quidditch Marsh. Perhaps, had she lived today, she too would have thrilled to the poetry and power of Quidditch. Long may the game continue to evolve and long may future generations of witches and wizards enjoy this most glorious of sports! (Quidditch Through the Ages: Chapter 10 - Kennilworthy Whisp)

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best book ever ahah

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"…they say if you dream a thing more than once, it’s sure to come true, and I’ve seen him so many times."

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asoiaf great houses - martell of dorne

(wallpaper), (insp)

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I’m dead

This is hilarious!

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